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Want to learn how to look and dress like Bollywood actress and star Sonakshi Sinha? Here is your comprehensive how-to guide on Sonakshi Sinha’s beauty secrets, makeup mantras, and fashion favorites.

Sonakshi leapt to the A-List with her first film, the 2010 smash hit “Dabangg”. She has joined the likes of Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor as a top contender among the young actresses in India today.


Sonakshi revealed her diet and exercise habits to Vogue India: “My diet is very basic. I just eat well. I eat small meals every two hours to keep my metabolism going.” Her breakfast consists of eggs and paratha, her lunch consists of brown rice, two rotis and chicken or fish (or dal and vegetables), and she eats salads for dinner.

On her workout routine, Sonakshi says, “I follow a strict fitness regime of cardio and weight training thrice a week, interspersed with kick-boxing and functional training.”

Before her Bollywood debut, Sonakshi was overweight, and she used the above regimen to drop nearly seventy pounds! I’d say it works, wouldn’t you? And speaking of food and diets- don’t you think she looks a little like Giada De Laurentiis?

To care for her skin, Sonakshi applies fresh aloe vera to her skin to reduce blemishes and bruising. Buy an aloe vera plant from your local grocery store and snap off the leaves to reveal the healing gel inside. She also applies multani mitti face packs to cool and cleanse her skin- find these at your local Indian grocer. She recommends drinking lots of water every day to keep skin fresh and healthy.

Her skincare products include a Nivea moisturizer and Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cleanser.


For her every day makeup looks, Sonakshi uses Chanel’s Mat Lumiere foundation in Naturel, a black Revlon eye pencil, and varying lipsticks with a matching blush. She will switch between her natural eye color (black) and wearing brown colored contacts. Sonakshi typically lines her upper and lower waterline with the black eye pencil and draws in a small wing on the sides of her eyes. She then follows it up with false eye lashes and mascara. She keeps her eyeshadows to a minimum, wearing mostly natural colors. Sonakshi applies her blush on the top of her cheekbones, and wears lipstick. She has confessed to not liking lip glosses, and often prefers matte lipsticks to glossier kinds.

For fragrance, Sonakshi wears a Victoria Secret’s Pink body spray during the daytime and loves Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique for the evening.


There are three basic rules to copying Sonakshi’s typical makeup looks. They are:

1) Play with lipsticks

Sonakshi loves to experiment with her lipsticks. She’ll try anything from a bright coral orange to a deep, sensual red. Go to Sephora and find funky shades that flatter you! She likes to match her lipstick with a pop of color, be it flowers in her hair or color on her nails. Remember, when going for a head-turning lip look, keep your eye makeup toned down. You don’t want to look like you were attacked by department store makeup artists!

2) Remove all excess facial hair

Sonakshi’s skintone is flawless and even, and she often wears her hair high and far from her face. To pull off a dare-bare look like her, be sure to remove all unsightly facial hair, including sideburns, upper-lip hair, cheek and forehead hair, and chin hair. Keep your eyebrows groomed, as well. Try looking up a local hair-threader or full facial waxer. And please, please make sure the person removing your hair is using the best hygiene practices, or your skin can have an adverse reaction to the hair removal!

3) Wear generous amounts of mascara… or false eyelashes

Sonakshi loves false lashes to feel instantly glamorous. If you’re not into falsies, curl your lashes with care (I recommend using the Shu Uemura lash curler) and apply your favorite mascara generously. Sonakshi likes MAC and Max Factor brand mascaras.


Sonakshi has some of the longest hair in the film industry. She uses an oil massage with olive oil and coconut oil to pamper her hair. To get long, healthy hair like hers, brush it diligently every day, and indulge in oil massages. Take fish oil supplements to keep your hair soft and manageable.

Often Sonakshi will wear her hair in a high tight bun or ponytail, slicking it away from her face. She will switch this look up, sometimes teasing the hair in the front to create a “bump” to give her hair height (as seen in the group picture below).

At other times her hair is fairly simple to mimic. She has some side bangs that she will wear on her face at times, though she tends to look best with her hair away from her face. Use a good straightener (CHI or Biosilk brands) to straighten your hair when it is dry, or a curling iron to curl the bottom half of your hair into loose curls.


Sonakshi looks best in conservative, feminine dresses, and she is always opting for bright colors or whites, both which complement her skin perfectly.

To dress like Sonakshi, invest in several white pieces for your wardrobe- a smart blouse, an exercise top, a little white dress. For formal wear, she always looks beautiful in white lahengas and salwars. She is also seen at off-times wearing athletic clothes in black and white- try emulating her by checking out your local Nike/Adidas outlet store.

Sonakshi is regularly photographed wearing colorful, fitted dresses made of clingy, stretchy material. Look for printed wrap dresses and dresses with flirty one-shoulder necklines. This look can be recreated by woman on any budget! Try JCPenney, Cache, or Diane von Furstenburg for Sonakshi-style clothes.

Sonakshi tends to keep her jewelry at a minimum, letting her clothes and quirky makeup speak for themselves. To keep it simple, try pairing your outfits with a silver/gold watch and diamond/cubic zirconia stud earrings. And of course, she has popularized the nose stud/ring once again, often wearing a small diamond stud for photo shoots and events.

Finally, Sonakshi never fails to wear her nails like they are her best accessory. See the pictures above for red nails, orange nails, and pink nails! She will often match her nail polish color to her dress or lipstick. To imitate, try finding good color matches for cheap prices, so you can expand your collection without breaking the bank.

And that’s how you can use diet, exercise, makeup, hair styling, and fashion to look just like Bollywood newbie Sonakshi Sinha. Let us know what you think and if there are any other celebrities you’d like to learn more about!


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