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Beauty queen Jacqueline Fernandez first hit the Indian glamour scene after winning Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006. She has since entered Bollywood as a film actress. Jacqueline spoke with Cosmopolitan India about her favorite beauty secrets and tips for skin care and hair care.

What’s the secret of your translucent skin?

Jacqueline: Believe me, as a teen I was plagued with acne! What cosmetics couldn’t do, my diet did. Slowly, I became more conscious about my nutrition and stopped eating junk. More of fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and a diet low on carbs and sugar soon made my skin glow!

Your beauty and skincare routine is…

Jacqueline: Oh, it’s no secret! I am very particular about cleansing, I stare hard at every cotton ball I use till the time I’m sure there’s no makeup on the cotton itself! Then there’s the regular toning and moisturising. I love Dermalogica products, they work well on me.

Do you diet? And exercise?

Jacqueline: I take care of my diet. A lot of grilled fish, steamed veggies, some fruits, nuts to snack on. I go low on carbs and totally avoid sugar, sticking to green tea rather than coffee or tea. I’m not big on exercising, but of course I do yoga. If I can’t make a class, then I do some weight training and cardio to break into a good sweat (which is good for your body and skin!)

Such gorgeous hair! You bathe them in milk or beer?

Jacqueline: I am as careful about caring for my hair as I am about cleansing my skin. With all those shoots, there is so much product in my hair that going to bed without shampooing is criminal. I feel that the basic step to taking care of your tresses is choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. The second step would be to update your product type, according to the change in quality of your hair.

A brand I can vouch for is Kérastase, they’ve got some fabulous solutions for hair problems. It is slightly high-end but hey, if it gives me good results, I think it’s worth it. I also use their hair mask once a week and I just adore a good head massage with hot oil! But these are still secondary solutions. I really believe in the saying, ‘You are what you eat’. Clichéd, I know, but since I eat a lot of fish and snack on nuts, I think the Omega-3 keeps my hair healthy!


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