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Deepika Padukone has never looked so good as she did in her debut film, 2007’s “Om Shanti Om”, co-starring Shahrukh Khan. Deepika played the role of a 1970’s Bollywood film heroine, and did she ever look like the perfect “Dreamy Girl”! Old-fashioned Bollywood makeup is characterized by exaggerated cat eye makeup and pinky-nude lips (i.e. yesteryear actresses Helen and Hema Malini). Here’s how you can get the look for yourself.

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– Apply your regular moisturizer. Use concealer (MAC Studio Finish Concealer) on your undereyes, on and around the nostrils, and to cover any blemishes. Flawless skin is crucial to pulling off this doll-face look.

– Apply a powder foundation (MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation) for a matte, medium-to-high coverage effect. Sweep your powder brush in downward strokes, or, for heavy coverage, use a sponge to apply.

– Use a powder in a shade darker than your skintone (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural) in the hollows of your cheekbones. Blend well to produce a subtle effect.


– Lightly line the lower waterline with a muted brown eye pencil (MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee).

– On the eyelid, apply a pink eyeshadow with subtle shimmer (MAC Eyeshadow in Expensive Pink). In the crease of the eyelid on the outer corner, apply a pinky-plum eyeshadow (MAC Eye Shadow in Plum Dressing) for a slight contour. Apply a highlighting shadow (MAC Eye Shadow in Ricepaper) to the brow bone underneath the arch of the eyebrow.

– Using a black gel eyeliner (MAC Fluidline in Blactrack), draw a thick line over your lashes. Extend the line out generously to form a wing.

– Apply false eyelashes if desired, curl lashes, and apply a thickening mascara.


– To get Deepika’s cool pink lips, try MAC Lipstick in Sweetie.

Done! This look would go great with ethnic wear- a conservative lahenga or fitted salwar- and an elaborate hairstyle for a special event or party. You could also tone down the wing of the eyeliner if you want this look for daily wear. Have fun!


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Want to learn how to dress like Bollywood actress and star Deepika Padukone? Here is your comprehensive how-to guide on Deepika Padukone’s fashion favorites.

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT our How to Look Like Guide on Deepika Padukone to learn about her beauty secrets and makeup mantras!

Deepika’s style is that of a modern, working woman who is at heart still just a girl. She has a few go-to colors that she loves to use: white, sea green, and tan.

To get Deepika’s fresh white look, stock up on white blouses, camis, and tanks. Pair with an elegant skirt and matching heels, or jeans with a brown belt. Try Calvin Klein and Michael Kors.

She’s a big fan of belts and will unfailingly pair her jeans with dark brown belts and her dresses with thin or wide tan belts.

There’s no denying Deepika loves sea-green! Look for a casual zippie sweater in a foamy green color at American Apparel. For evenings out, try a bandage dress or bubble dress like Deepika (cinch it with a tan belt and match with tan sandal heels). If the color is hard to find in Western clothes, seek it out at Indian ethnic-wear boutiques.

Deepika will often step out with a black or white blazer over a blouse or tank. Look for blazers at large department stores (i.e. Macy’s and Nordstrom) to find a wide selection of materials and cuts. Try three-quarter length blazers for a more casual look.

You’ll notice Deepika pairs all of her day looks with a large tan handbag. Tan, beige, taupe, or camel colored purses are excellent for matching with any outfit at all because they are classy and very understated. Good choice, Deepika!

Every girl has quirky accessories she uses to have a little fun with an otherwise plain outfit. Deepika’s are her red shoes– flats and pumps. Add a pop of color to your white-based outfits as an unexpected surprise!

Deepika’s summer style is simple: flirty, girly dresses paired with sandals- either flat or with some heel. She’ll wear floaty dresses with the requisite brown belt. Deepika’s favorite pair of earrings have to be her small, thick metallic hoops; they are a sweet touch and go well with both dressy and casual looks. Finish the look with a few chunky metallic bracelets and bangles.

When on the move or in colder weather, Deepika keeps her layering simple by sticking with white and tan. Pair white tanks and blouses with white cardigans with a subtle pattern (i.e. stripes or block colors). Pair with only one piece of jewelry: a chunky necklace, drop earrings, or glasses. Finish the look with a brown belt and medium-to-light wash jeans and sandals or Ugg boots. As you can see, Deepika plays it very safe… and so hardly goes wrong.

And that’s how you can use fashion and styling to dress just like Bollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone. Let us know what you think and if there are any other celebrities you’d like to learn more about!

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Want to learn how to look like Bollywood actress and star Deepika Padukone? Here is your comprehensive how-to guide on Deepika Padukone’s beauty secrets, makeup mantras, and hair styling tips.

Deepika, a Kingfisher model, became an instant celebrity post her film debut opposite Shahrukh Khan in the 2007 blockbuster “Om Shanti Om“. Since then, she has rocketed through the Bollywood film industry at amazing speed, starring in several hit films and working opposite India’s top leading men. Deepika’s relationship status is often the target of juicy gossip for tabloids and movie-goers alike.

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT our How to Dress Like Deepika Padukone Guide to learn about her fashion and style.


Deepika spoke with the Hindustan Times about her diet, exercise, and skincare regimens.

Says Deepika on skincare: “My daily skincare regimen involves cleansing, toning and moisturising. Healthy skin needs mild cleansing, for which I use gentle soaps. I use products that are mild and do not strip my skin of essential proteins. I am not much of a make-up user and stick to basics like a moisturiser, lip balm and a neutral foundation.”

“I don’t go for regular facials, but do indulge in clean-up sessions once in a while. Also, I am very particular about taking off the make-up before I go to bed. As a ritual, I like to luxuriate in a relaxing body massage with lukewarm coconut or baby oil every week.”

Deepika told the Hindustan Times that she does cardio training and light weight lifting at the gym. She makes it a priority to work out “as often as possible”, despite her hectic work schedule. Keeping practical and realistic about your exercise goals is necessary to maintaining your long-term objectives!

Regarding her diet, she said: “A healthy diet is the first step towards a healthy and fit body. I take a balanced diet with carbs and proteins, and I’m very particular about dietary proportions. I have three main meals in a day, breakfast being the most important of them all. I try to keep my meals balanced and simple.”

As you can see, it’s all about simplicity with Deepika. Pick a quality, reputable cosmetics brand (i.e. Clinique or Clarins) and stick with it for your skincare needs, being sure not to “go overboard on any products”, because according to Deepika, “the more you try to be experimental with your skin, the worse it gets. Just stick to the basics of skincare and witness the splendid results.” Well said!


For her daily look, Deepika begins with a pair of light brown or green colored contact lenses. She applies a light foundation- try a tinted moisturizer- along with concealer under her eyes. She uses a matte ginger-bronze blush powder on her cheekbones. She will apply brown eyeshadow to her eyelids and contour with a darker shade at the crease of her lids. Deepika will then line her upper lashes with black eyeliner and apply mascara. She will finish off her eye makeup by using a highlighting powder underneath the arch of her eyebrow. Lastly, she’ll round the look off with a peachy-brown lipstick.


There are three basic rules to follow when applying makeup to look like Deepika Padukone.

1) Wear brown and taupe eyeshadows

Deepika loves to give her eyes some contouring with the use of brown- and taupe- colored eyeshadows. Apply medium brown shades over the lid and darker taupe or silvery-brown shades in a sideways “V” shape on the outer edges of the eye, up past the crease of the lid. Try MAC Eye Shadows in Satin Taupe, Charcoal Brown, and Quarry.

2) For daily wear, use a peachy-brown lipstick

Deepika keeps her lip makeup very understated on most occasions, opting for peachy-brown satin lipsticks to pair with any outfit. Such colors are very flattering on women of her skintone. Try MAC Lipstick in Mocha to emulate.

3) Dress up your black gowns with scarlet red lipstick

Going out in a little black dress? Pair it with minimal accessories apart from your vibrant red lips like Deepika Padukone does at numerous events. For a loud lip look, keep the rest of your makeup understated and simple. To get Deepika’s red lips, try a blue-based red like MAC Red Lipstick. Be sure the lipstick you choose is not a matte formula.


Deepika’s hairstyles are highly consistent. She prefers to tease her hair in the front into a poof, as seen above, for nearly all of her looks- formal and casual. This provides height above her face and helps balance out her striking features; for this reason, it’s a look I recommend all Indian women to try at least once! Giving the hair height and volume is excellent for those who have large features and small faces, typical of South Asian women.

Deepika’s hair is usually curled when it is down and is often clipped up half-way. When it is up, it is in a large bun, loose side braid, or is held with a few large, elegant curls that cascade down her back. To get Deepika’s hair, you’ll need a fine comb for teasing, hair clips, hair spray, and a curling iron.

Deepika’s hair color is usually very dark brown or black with a few subtle dark brown highlights.

And that’s how you can use diet, exercise, makeup, and hair styling to look just like Bollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone. Let us know what you think and if there are any other celebrities you’d like to learn more about!

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