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Indian film actress Sneha Ullal debuted in the 2005 film “Lucky: No Time for Love”, co-starring Salman Khan; she then went on to star in hit Telugu films. The media was abuzz with comparisons between her and look-a-like Aishwarya Rai– but we at Jolie Asie think Sneha has a beauty and charm that’s all her own! I had the chance to interview Sneha on all of her beauty secrets recently; here’s what she had to say!

MEG: What is the secret to your gorgeous, flawless skin?

SNEHA: I always believe the less you play with your skin, the more clear and clean it’s going to stay… so ever since I’ve known about makeup, creams, oils, etc., I prefer to stay away. I feel the more you pamper your skin, the more prone it’s going to get to all these products. And it’s going to want it even more. And let’s face it, there’s chemicals in everything today. So my most basic secret is to  just try and wash your face 3 to 5 times a day with plain water if your skin is dry or with the mildest soap if skin is oily. I don’t use face wash at all.

But I must say– and I don’t know if this is the reason — but it’s my belief, I have been using talcum powder on my face and body since childhood. And I’ve had a lot of milk too. And I mean a lot.

What is your diet and exercise routine like? Do you have any special tricks for staying slim and healthy?

I’m a vegetarian/eggtarian (not a lot of eggs, since they’re heaty), so my diet is all about spinach, fenugreek, potato, thyme, cottage cheese, etc. I’m not a rice person, so I have my wheat chapatis daily. [Plus] all kinds of lentils that help in protein levels… most food is cooked in minimum oil (preferably olive oil), which helps keep my stomach light and clear, and as we all know, a bad stomach means bad skin.

Exercise is mostly YOGA which is my favorite time of the day… includes stretching, light workout, and breathing (bandhas), which opens all the blocks in my body. It’s my belief that sweating is top secret for good skin.

What is your number one beauty tip for young women?

My tip for my girls out there would be “keep your stomach as light and healthy as possible and try to sleep without your phone next to you.” And stay away from heartbreaks, hehe.

How do you stay energized and fresh during long days on the sets?

If I have enough sleep and a light breakfast, I’m good to go at least 12 hours a day. A heavy breakfast makes me lazy, so I recommend something light, but don’t starve yourself like most women today… as it is the most importantly meal of the day. And it’s stupid, but I say, “the day is as good as your breakfast” :).

To feel fresh, inspite of my makeup artist hating this fact, but I do wash my face even with makeup on, as it feels clean. My most important thing is a perfume. I spray it almost every 2-3 hours especially while shooting; my favorites are Gucci Rush and Chanel Chance.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite beauty products?

You will always find me without makeup but if I have to wear some, here’s what I use: a liquid foundation of Guerlain Parure Gold with SPF only under the eyes, with a cover-up mix of MAC concealer in NC35. A very natural feminine blush on just the cheeks and chin– Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats’ Sculpting Blush in Rose Plein Vent. For my green eyes I prefer to go nude (without any eyeshadow; maybe a little cream to shine it up). But my mascara is nice and thin– 1 coat, no matter what. For my lips, I prefer no lipstick, but a healthy lip balm with some fruit extracts… I do Body Shop for that quite often.

What is your daily makeup routine?

Absolutely not a good idea to apply makeup everyday; of course when at work, then we have to… but if I have a meeting or an outing then it’s just undereyes and lip balm. 🙂

Thanks, Sneha!


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Beauty Interview: Ruby

Hi all! Here’s a special beauty interview with my ultra-glamorous friend Ruby! I have known Ruby since we were young girls, and I am thrilled to share her get-gorgeous tips with you. Without further ado:

Meg: Tell us a little about your skincare routine. What are your favorite products?
Ruby: Honestly, as much of disappointment this may be, I just use Dial soap as of right now or whatever soap is lying around at home when it comes to washing my face daily. But when the weekend comes around, when I have more time, I use this mixture of haldi (turmeric powder) and rice powder. I have this tub/jar sitting in my bathroom that consists of a cup of haldi and two cups of rice powder mixed together. I grab about a pinch full and put it in the palm of my hands and then add a little water until it forms a thick paste. I rub that all over my face to scrub off all the dead skin (rice powder) and keep my face glowing (haldi). I just rub it on my face and keep it on for a minute or two and I just wash it off and then if there seems to be some color remaining from the yellow haldi, I’ll just rinse of top with basic soap! I love this process because after it all, I feel so so fresh and my skin literally has this nice glow to it!

Afterwards I put my Aveeno moisturizer with SPF 15 on and my face and my skin care routine is complete! I always make sure to put moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and feeling fresh.

What are the three most important products in your makeup bag and why?
One of the the three most important products in my makeup bag is definitely my concealer. I need concealer to feel complete about my look! I had really bad acne when I was younger and I have some darks spots remaining that are slowly fading away but not as fast as I wish they would, so concealer really helps cover those spots and give my face a solid consistency.

The second most important product is my eyeliner. Eyeliner gives me the look of being awake. I feel like without it I look tired and with it I get a nice pop! I use liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner, and honestly the cheaper brands seem to work best when it comes to lasting a long time on my eyes! The way I put it on, I try to get that classic old Bollywood look like Sharmila Tagore had done.

Lastly, bronzer is my final essential. Bronzer allows me to contour the shape of my face and it gives me that look of being sunkissed. I know being “brown” most people would think not to use bronzer, but I use just enough to emphasize certain parts of my face and make my face have a certain glow appeal.

How do you treat and care for your hair?
I really do not do much for my hair. I use basic shampoo and my conditioner is Healthy Sexy Hair, from the product line, Big Sexy Hair. I keep my conditioner in for at least 3 minutes and rinse it out. After, I just simply use a towel to get my hair from soaking wet to just damp. From there, I always put Moroccan Oil (a quarter size amount) in my hair and let my hair air dry. I avoid using the blow dryer to prevent my hair from being damaged.

Where/how did you learn about styling your hair and applying makeup?
Styling my hair and applying makeup… hmm… I have no idea. From experimenting? I know I never learned it from anyone or any tutorials. I just experiment and have fun with it! I tend to get inspired by certain celebrities and then I will try it on my own, but basically it has been all trial and error.

What is your advice for girls who want to make their hair look shiny and full of volume without straight-ironing?
I know the Moroccan Oil has helped me tremendously with shine. Volume is a hard one, since my hair is SO full of volume already (I even have to get my hair thinned, that’s how full it is)! I know from working at a salon that people LOVE dry shampoo (Rockaholic Dry Shampoo). It gives you height and volume and also lets you get away with not washing your hair for an extra day or so!

Have you tried any special beauty treatments like facials, hair coloring, etc.? What did you think?
The only thing I’ve really tried is hair coloring. I went through a crazy phase in high school. I tried to get my hair to be a really nice chocolate brown… I used box coloring… and I soon learned that I should leave hair coloring to the professionals – when it comes to wanting a different color! But otherwise, I do use hair coloring when it comes to getting my hair to a darker color or giving my hair a certain tint to it. And of course my haldi and rice powder concoction lol!

What are your top fashion tips for young Indian women?
Top fashion tips for young Indian women… I honestly think with our skin color, everything, literally everything, looks amazing on us (color wise). Also, I don’t know why this bothers me, but Indian girls… you don’t need to put colored contacts in to look a certain way… being natural is SO beautiful and having dark eyes is such a beautiful thing. Don’t feel like you need to be more westernized with having lighter eyes. Being Indian is such a wonderful thing and it’s something to embrace.

What are the biggest fashion mistakes college-aged girls make, and how can they correct them?
The biggest fashion mistakes college-aged girls make is simply trying too hard. I go to a school where literally the girls get ready everyday as if it’s a fashion show! Keep it simple! You don’t need to wear platform heels going from class to class. Cute knee high boots, leggings, loose top, and some accessories can look amazing and go a long way!

If you could go back in time and give beauty tips to yourself when you were 14 years old, what would you say?
Oh my god! I would tell myself not to glob on all that concealer and BLEND!! I remember this was a crime for every 14 year old!! All the girls would have their concealer only up to their jaw line and you could see the color difference from their neck compared to their face!! Blending is key and I WISH I knew that back then so I didn’t look like a multicolored chick!

What are your tips for Indian women who are interested in hair removal? Do you recommend waxing, threading, depilatory creams, or something else?
From experience, LASER HAIR REMOVAL! Yes, it’s painful and it might take a year or so, but it is SO worth it. You have to go to the right people though because some of them only specialize in lighter hair or lighter skin and might not tell you that… so find someone that really knows about Indian hair and Indian skin tones to receive the best results. All the other stuff like waxing, creams and all are temporary. With laser, you are hair free FOREVER, and that is the dream of any Indian girl!

Thanks, Ruby!

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Here’s a Jolie Asie exclusive beauty interview with the super hot, super glam Kingfisher calendar girl Saiyami Kher. Read on for her fashion tips and beauty secrets…

Meg: Tell us a little about your background and how you came to be a Kingfisher Calendar model.

Saiyami: I was born and brought up in Nasik and shifted to Bombay 5 years ago for college. I studied at St. Xaviers college (Mumbai). Both my parents were models, my mother was a Miss India and they both did over a 100 ads. I thought of giving it a shot when I was in college and really enjoyed the process. Atul Kasbekar was very impressed with my photographs and he signed me up with his agency. There’s been no looking back from there, I did ads for Mahindra Rodeo, Pantaloons, L’Oreal, Levis and lots more over the past 2 years. He asked me to do the Kingfisher calendar last year, but I wanted to wait until I got done with college and also I felt this would be a great year because it is the 10th edition so it makes it even more special. The Kingfisher calendar was a fab experience!

What is your number one beauty secret?
Happiness! If you are happy inside it automatically shows on your skin, I have experienced it!

What are some of your top fashion tips for women who are tall?
I feel women who are tall are absolutely stunning! My only tip is to be confident and not conscious about your height. You are blessed with good height– flaunt it. You stand tall; you stand out from the crowd!

Tell us about your skincare regimen– what products do you use for glowing skin?
I drink a lot of water through the day which is essential for glowing skin. Besides that I moisturize my skin at all times. I use a sun block by Avene without which I don’t step out of my room and use Vichy’s under eye cream before I sleep. It’s very important that every little trace of makeup is wiped out when it’s not required. I feel if one even does just these basics it makes your skin flawless and the sun block and under eye cream is a precautionary measure for the future.

How do you treat and take care of your hair?
I have extremely curly hair. I normally like to keep it tied to protect it from the sun and pollution but I use a range of L’Oreal products which I am very happy with and I do a Kerastase hair treatment very often which just makes my hair so soft and beautiful.

Everyone always wonders– do models get stretch marks and cellulite like the rest of us? If so, what do you do to treat it?
As models we face problems like anyone else. Almond oil mixed with haldi (turmeric powder) really helps lighten stretch marks and make your overall skin look wonderful. This was something I did everyday before the Kingfisher calendar and I could see the results!

What foods does your diet regimen include?
Every morning I start my day with a liter of water and a fruit and eat 4 egg whites after my workout. A normal lunch with 2 rotis and vegetable and soup and salad for dinner. I love eating fruits and keep eating them all day. I am a chocolate lover so I do treat myself to chocolate every so often.

Modelling is no cakewalk. The lifestyle can include late nights and long work days. How do you stay fresh despite the difficult hours?
Sometimes I shoot and get hardly 1-2 hours of sleep with all the erratic schedules and traveling. My secret to it is I catch up on sleep anytime and anywhere I get a chance. So if the hair stylist is doing my hair, I sleep; when they are setting up, I doze off. These power naps really help!

Lastly, what is your exercise regimen like? What exercises do you enjoy best?
I am a fitness freak, have always been one. I played badminton and cricket for Maharashtra. I was called for the Indian women’s national cricket team selection but didn’t go for the tryout because modeling wouldn’t have been possible then. Even now I play a lot of sports. I prefer a sport or a run much more than going to the gym. So if I am not shooting you will see me running around Bandra between 5-8. 🙂

Thanks, Saiyami!

Saiyami Kher featured in the 2012 Kingfisher Calendar, shot by Atul Kasbekar

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Beauty Interview: Ratna

Brighten your Wednesday with a Jolie Asie interview, this week with my dear mother Ratna! I stole a few quiet minutes of relaxation Sunday evening to chat with her about her beauty tips.

Meg: What is your number one beauty secret?

Ratna: I’ve always washed my face at night and applied cream or lotion to my face, and to my body too.

You are over fifty and still get carded at parties. How do you stay young?

Ratna: I eat healthy food. I enjoy healthy food! I drink plenty of water. I drink two cups of tea a day, stay away from fats (for the most part). I have always exercised, since I was a teenager; not vigorously, you know, but at least walking. I NEVER over-indulge! I’ve never eaten oily, greasy foods. I am a strict creature of habit. I generally enjoy the same foods at the same time, and prefer to go to bed at the same time. And again, I apply lotion to my face and body every day, twice a day- once in the morning, and once in the evening after I’ve washed my face off to prepare for the night.

What are your diet and exercise regimens like?

Ratna: Carbs are my favorite! (laughs) So I know I have to control what I eat! I have to think deliberately about including protein in my diet. The protein in my diet generally consists of milk and milk products, beans, dals- legumes- and a couple of eggs a week. I also include the likes of chicken probably about once a week. I start my day out with some whole grain, fruit, and milk, soymilk, or cottage cheese. I also throw in some nuts, seeds, and include some dates and raisins to satisfy my sweet tooth- while getting some fiber. My morning snack, if any, consists of fruit.

For lunch, I usually have a very colorful salad with as many colored vegetables as I can find. Again, topped with some nuts, a bit of cheese, and grapes or dried fruit to make it an enjoyable feast. I supplement that with a whole grain slice of bread, so that I don’t get hungry in half an hour. It’s either that or a bean and vegetable soup. Often, I have cereal and soymilk for an afternoon snack. Dinner generally consists of Indian food: roti and vegetable, rice and dal, or some combination thereof, with raw vegetables on the side.

I exercise at least six days a week. For about six months out of the year, my exercise consists of a two-mile walk [outside], but I am also a very busy person. I am on my feet many hours of the day, for several hours. I don’t have a stationary lifestyle, and that gets included as a part of my exercise routine. The other six months, I generally rely on exercise videos which include light weights, lunges, squats, and a little bit of treadmill and elliptical.

What is your advice for me and other young women who want to preserve their youthful looks?

Ratna: Wash your face, put lotion! Do not leave makeup on a moment more than necessary, and make sure you have conditioned your face. Don’t over-indulge in ANYTHING, whether it is chocolate, or greasy foods, or chips, or alcohol: don’t do too much of any one thing. Also drinks lots of water and a cup of tea.

What is your skincare routine?

Ratna: I do on occasion apply besan [gram flour] and haldi [turmeric] to my face, and I always feel like my face is brighter and tighter after that “treatment”. I have never had a facial in my life, never. I use Clinique bar soap to wash my face twice a day.

Name some of your favorite beauty products.

Ratna: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Estee Lauder DayWear SPF 15, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (for firming skin), MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15, Estee Lauder Compact Powder (I’ve used it for bazillion years!), Clinique or Estee Lauder lipsticks.

How do you care for your hair?

Ratna: Through experimentation, I learnt that you can train your hair to get washed only twice a week, and yet maintain reasonable fullness. I have also learnt that it’s better to mix up shampoos, switch products, because somehow your hair learns to get annoyed by a single product. I also condition my hair; actually, I think I am a little more particular about a conditioner than I am about a shampoo. I’ve tried some expensive shampoos and, believe me, it’s no use spending money on them. I really like the Pantene 5-Minute conditioning mask.

What is the biggest beauty mistake people make, and how can they avoid it?

Ratna: They follow fashion trends, they don’t necessarily choose what works for THEM. Because if you are choosing what works for you, you are going to be looking beautiful even if the things you are wearing may not be what is out there in the market.

How have your beauty routines changed since you were a young girl growing up in India?

Ratna: When I was growing up, I did not use much else beyond an eye pencil and a compact powder. I continued doing that through even my twenties, thirties, and forties. Of late, I have started using a foundation to give me a little bit better coverage. The products I used in my teens and early twenties have changed, but since my mid-twenties I have been using Clinique products and I have not changed that, and I never will. But, I have added the SPF products because in my forties I started feeling the need to protect my skin from the sun.

What are your basic fashion staples?

Ratna: My basic fashion staples are a nice pair of slacks… I dress in layers, so I always have a short-sleeve or long-sleeve cotton or silk blouse with a complementing sweater, whether it’s cotton or wool on top, so that I can manage my body temperature effectively. In summer, I enjoy wearing sleeveless maxi dresses. For dress-up, I enjoy wearing a variety of Indian clothes- saris and salwars. I do not particularly enjoy to wear blues, browns, or even yellows. I like all shades of pink, purple, and red.

Thanks, Mom!

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Happy New Year! Thrilled to be mentioned in the Times of India in an article on 2011 Bollywood fashion trends. Here’s to another year of beauty, fashion, and health! Best wishes!

Click here to read the TOI article

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Happy holidays! Here’s a Jolie Asie exclusive interview with personal trainer to India’s top stars, Yasmin Karachiwala. Yasmin’s famous clients include Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Rampal, Kunal Kapoor, and Imran Khan, among others. Without further ado, to the interview:

Meg: You are Bollywood’s reigning fitness superstar! Please tell us a little about your famous clients and the workouts they love. We hear Katrina is into Pilates!

Yasmin: Katrina trains her body differently everyday. One day it could be pilates, and the next functional training, or interval training, or just machines. The look she’s aiming for dictates the workouts I design for her.

Yasmin (pictured at right) with Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif

MegDo you recommend any special foods, supplements or vitamins to your trainees?

Yasmin: I only recommend protein shakes once a day for non-vegetarians and maybe twice for vegetarians, depending on what their current foodplan is. Vitamins, etc. I leave to the doctors to recommend, as they would be the best qualified to do so.

MegYou recommend eating meals every two hours. What are some examples of meals that you suggest?

Yasmin: 3 egg whites and a whole-wheat toast, 1 jowar chappatti with a bowl of eggs and a vati of daal, 1 banana with 3 walnuts.

MegWhat is the best form of exercise for women to burn calories and lose extra weight fast?

Yasmin: A combination of strength training and cardio. I find interval training most effective.

MegWhat is the best form of exercise for women to trim their waistline and tighten and firm their problem areas?

Yasmin: First, to watch what they eat. I find a combination of cardio & Pilates works the best for the abdominals.

MegWhich gives better results for a lean and toned body: Yoga or Pilates?

Yasmin: I would say its different for each person, you need to try both and figure out for yourself which works best for you.

MegWhat should Indian women in particular be doing to live healthier lifestyles? What common diet and fitness mistakes do you find them making—and how can they correct them?

Yasmin: Cut the ghee, butter, [and] milk from their diets which their ancestors swear by. Women need to realize that our ancestors’ lives were far more active than our sedentary ones, with drivers, maids and nannies at our beck and call.
Women need to start strength training, and not just stick to cardio, as more and more women of today are heading towards osteoporosis.

MegWhat forms of exercise do you recommend for older women, who may not be comfortable hitting the gym?

Yasmin: I cannot generalize exercises for older women, as with age comes problems and each one’s is different from another’s. For me, it’s very important to view each client as an individual before I can advise them about any kind of exercise. There are lots of exercises that older women can do at home; my advice to them would be to consult a good trainer and find out which would work for them.

MegWhat can we do in our diets and fitness strategies to improve low energy levels?

Yasmin: Eat every 2 hours, make sure each meal consists of protein, carbs, fiber, don’t eat till you’re gonna burst, stop just short of being stuffed, do some form of exercise at least 3 days a week. I find 1 banana and 3 walnuts work instantaneously on low energy levels.

MegIs there a “best time of day to work out”? If so, is it the morning, afternoon, or evening?

Yasmin: The best time to work out is ‘the time that works best for you’!!

Thanks, Yasmin!

If you are interested in training with Yasmin, visit her website at http://www.bodyimage.in/.

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Here’s a special treat for the week: a Jolie Asie exclusive interview with the super spunky, super savvy Tanya Ghavri, fashion stylist to the stars! I recently got a chance to talk with Tanya about her career, what it’s like working with beauty queens and heroines, and her top fashion advice for our readers.

Tanya styled Aishwarya Rai for her interview in Verve's March 2011 issue

MegTell us about your most exciting or memorable accomplishments in styling Bollywood celebrities and/or films.

Tanya: I don’t generally think of things in terms of big or small, because I’m excited about all of the work that I do… whether it’s a fun shoot with some friends to a shoot for a high profile magazine or a film… it’s all great! But, since you’ve asked this question in particular, I would say styling Aishwarya Rai because she was my idol as a child and I looked up to her I wanted to be Miss India because she was Miss India. I was like an awe-struck girl, so styling her was like a dream come true!

It is a dream for girls who love fashion to be styling the likes of Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai. How did you get to where you are now, and what is your advice for aspiring stylists?

Tanya: Life has been very kind! Literally, I studied fashion in New York and Bombay… got all my ground at SNDT; studied fashion there and was just extremely passionate about it. I started working while I was in college, and used to bunk college sometimes to be at shoots! I don’t advise bunking but sometimes being out of the box helps (winks). Working in the fashion and film world really helped… and then I landed up working on [the Bollywood film] “Aisha” and then there was no looking back. Everything else just followed.

I would advise girls to have fun with fashion- take risks and just work really, really hard, because if you do, no one can stop you!

Tanya recently styled Sonam Kapoor in an Anita Dongre dress, Christian Dior sling bag, and Jimmy Choo peep toe heels for a rainy day at Film City. The look was featured in the Bombay Times. Click on the image for a larger view.

What was your most difficult stylist assignment to date, and how did you manage it?

Tanya: I don’t see anything as difficult… actually, if you don’t lose your fear, you’ll never enjoy your work. That’s what my parents taught me. There are times you feel doubt but eventually realize, “What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll make a mistake, and then I’ll learn.” So I can’t think of anything that’s been difficult.

What does a typical day for you look like- who do you meet, where do you go?

Tanya: A typical day for me depends on if I’m working or not. If I’m working, it’s absolutely insane. I’m always on call with designers, etc. to source, and in between meetings, and fittings with actors. If I’m not working that much then I’m researching and reading fashion blogs and books and films (Indian and international). I would really recommend to watch all kinds of films- Indian, international, foreign… it really helps opening your mind up.

Who are your favorite designers and places to buy clothes- high-end and street-buys?

Tanya: Wow! Favorite place would lots… in India, to start with, I would say: for high street Zara is a one-stop shop. Among the newer designers there is Masaba Gupta, who’s extremely talented and very well priced. Among the high-end Indian brands there is Anamika Khanna, Rajesh Pratap Singh, and Cue. They make beautiful clothes that are also wearable. [For] high-street in Bombay there is Zara, French Connection, Calvin Klein; you can find your really nice basics that are long lasting.

I would advise young girls to stop buying these Bangkok export cheap clothes and rather invest in a top from Zara because, trust me, you may spend 500 bucks more, but you’re so much more chic and it works much, much longer and doesn’t fade away! Quality over quantity: it’s the first fashion rule.

Outside India, New York is the place to shop hands down!

What is your advice for girls who are shopping on a limited budget but still want to look fashionable like a movie star?

Tanya: First of all, you don’t have to shop expensive and designer to look chic and fashionable. You could put on a simple white mul shirt with jeans or shorts. Wear your mum’s vintage necklace (old ethnic neckpiece) with a cute lil’ tan sling bag and ballet flats and you’re ready to go!

Colors on display at Colaba Causeway in Mumbai

Colaba Causeway in Bombay has some of the cutest and most fun accessories and bags… girls who are interested in fashion, make your clothes have fun with fabrics; it’s your first step and so much more economical!

What are your favorite, must-have fashion accessories?

Tanya: Must-haves are my favorite part- a pair of nude heels. It’s a no brainer when you don’t understand what shoes to wear… wear nude!

A well-fitted pair of jeans, a boyfriend jacket (jacket the size of a guy’s). It’s so fun and just adds so much character.

A little black dress… all girls need that. Trust me, all girls, even girls who think they are a lil’ overweight, need it to sit in their wardrobe to encourage them to lose weight and wear it one day!

A nice tan sling bag is a must!

Which do you enjoy styling best- photoshoots, films, or celebrity appearances?

Tanya: I love working on films. I would say it’s just so much fun working a particular character and dressing that character. Film is so electrifying; it’s hundreds of people coming together to bring a story together for the whole world to watch. What could be more exciting than that?

What is your go-to outfit for a busy workday?

Tanya: I’m a moody dresser and my friends seem to think that I wear the tiniest clothes made in India! I live in Bombay, it’s hot all year round. I’m always in shorts that I pair up with a mul shirt or sometimes a cute summer retro dress- love polka dots- maybe a beautiful fun maxi dress!

What is the biggest fashion mistake most Indian women make, and what can they do to fix it?

Tanya: Wearing the wrong silhouettes. Every woman has her own charm and she can look good if she dresses right! Some simple rules:

  • If you are on the heavier side, wear vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes give way more width; vertical will make you look taller and slimmer.
  • When you are not sure, close your eyes and wear black. It never goes wrong.
  • Color blocking doesn’t mean red dress, green shoes, and blue bag. That just makes you look stupid! There has to be some harmony. You could mix warm colors and block your outfit, or use all cool colors.
  • Gladiator shoes are over, please stop wearing them! You can wear strappy thong sandals instead. They look much nicer and understated.
  • Pease get rid of those matching track pants and jackets– that is just all kinds of tacky! Just because celebrities wear them doesn’t make them cool.
  • Wear your clothes generously and wear things you’re comfortable in, not because it’s in fashion. You make a statement in what you wear. Be innovative, you don’t have to always wear what is in fashion. I love vintage, it never goes out of style…
  • Boys are the best when they keep it casual and effortless. Those tight-fit body hugging t-shirts need to be thrown out; a man is a man when he looks like a man!

Anything else?

Tanya: Fashion is so much fun! You have to love it and live it and just be happy and play with colors and have themes and dress up. Don’t feel scared to be judged. Who cares if people think you’re absolutely bonkers? They don’t know you’re actually an artist! It takes the world some time to appreciate art. I’ve given a lot of gyaan [knowledge] in this interview, so I’m not gonna say more, just follow all my pointers and you’ll be good to go!

Thanks, Tanya!

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