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During my research for the How to Look Like Katrina Kaif post, I was baffled to learn how little makeup Kat actually wears. She swears by an illuminating concealer and a sheer loose powder. No foundation- powder, liquid, cream, or stick.

In an effort to get similarly fantastic skin, I followed her suit. I ditched my beloved MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation for Guerlain Meteorites (in #3 Teint Dore), a sheer, illuminating face powder (also a favorite Danqing’s).


What an amazing difference! I now have perfect, Katrina-worthy results! I am giving all of my makeup-wearing friends (that includes you, dear reader) this shocking advice: DITCH THE FOUNDATION! Concealer is your BFF!

Too many girls waste oodles money by using their foundation as a concealer. This is one of the worst makeup mistakes you can possibly make. It breaks my heart to see this because it is a total misuse of  the foundation– you lose precious product by asking it to do something it’s not meant to do! It’s like hiring a carpenter to fix your plumbing.

Why do most girls buy a foundation? To get flawless-looking skin. Unless you have uneven skin pigmentation or a dull complexion, concealer– and not foundation– is the key to flawlessness.

Foundations are meant to be sheer. Sheer products are not designed to cover blemishes effectively. If you are skipping concealer and going straight to foundation, you are almost certainly applying too much foundation to get that opaque concealer effect.

So try this: after you have applied your favorite opaque concealer (in the exact same color as your skin– not 2 shades lighter), dust a sheer powder over your skin to buff and blend the concealer in and mattify shine from your face cream.

If you have applied your concealer in the right places– over dark spots, redness, undereye circles, and acne– I promise you: you will feel no desire to smear foundation all over your face. Instead, your skin will breathe, will feel light, and look oh-so-natural.

Your glowing skin will thank you!


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